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Career Title

Your Career Title is your recognition title. Gold Managers and lower titles keep their Career Title indefinitely. Platinum Managers and higher may keep their Career Title by being paid at that title at least once every six months.

Commissionable Value

Commissionable Value is the value on which the Product Introduction Bonus, Level Commissions, and Generation Commissions are paid on. This value is generally equal to approximately 75% of the Net Retail Price.


A common term for any person who has enrolled to participate in our success path.


A Customer is someone who purchases our products for their personal use, is not enrolled as a Consultant, and does not hold a place in your downline. The sales from your Customers are included in your Personal Sales. There are two types of Customers: Retail Customers and Preferred Customers.


All of the Consultants sponsored into your genealogy are considered to be part of your downline.

Downline Sales

Downline Sales is the total sales volume from your entire downline (and their customers), and includes all of your customers’ purchases and all of your own purchases.


When you introduce someone to Merryvital and they enroll as a Merryvital Consultant, you are considered to be their Enroller. When one of your customers refers another individual to Merryvital, you will also become their Enroller.

Fast Start Period

Your Fast Start Period begins the month you enroll as a Consultant and continues through the next three full months. For example, if you enroll on any day in January, your Fast Start Period will include January, February, March, and April.


A Generation is a team that has formed below you. It starts with a Consultant in your downline with a career title of Platinum Manager or higher and includes all of the Consultants below them, down to but not including the next career title Platinum Manager or higher. A first generation means that there are no other career title Platinum Managers (or higher) between you and that Consultant. The sales from a generation includes the sales from all the Consultants and their Customers in that generation.


A leg begins with a Consultant on your first Level and includes all of the Consultants beneath them. You have as many legs as you have personally enrolled Consultants.

Leg Building Volume

Your Leg Building Volume is your total Downline Sales, excluding the volume source that has the most volume in the month.


A Level is the location a Consultant has in your downline in relation to you. The Consultants you sponsor are considered to be on your Level 1, the Consultants sponsored by them are your Level 2, and so on. The sales from a level in your downline include the sales from all the Consultants and their customers on that level.

Mentor Qualified

In order for you to qualify as a Gold Leader or higher, you must have at least one new Consultant promote to a first-generation Platinum Manager every 12-month rolling period.

Net Retail Price

This is our products’ retail price, excluding shipping or taxes of any kind. The Customer Sales Commission and Personal Sales Bonus are paid on the net retail price.

Paid-As Title

Your Paid-As Title is the title for which you qualify and are paid each month. Your Paid-As Title may be the same as or lower than your Career Title depending on your monthly qualifications.

Personal Sales

Personal Sales are the combined monthly sales from your Customers’ purchases and your own orders. Up to 300 PS from your own orders can count towards your monthly Title qualifications.

Product Credits

Customers can earn Product Credits by referring individuals to use our Merryvital products. These product credits may be used towards a future purchase.

Preferred Customer

A Preferred Customer is a customer that has signed up for our product subscription program. Preferred Customers receive a discount on the retail price of our products. A Qualified Preferred Customer has purchases with a combined net retail price of at least €150 in the month.

Promote (Promotion)

When you meet the qualifications to be paid as a title higher than your current Career Title, you will “promote” to that higher title, and your Career Title will be updated to reflect that advancement. Promotions are effective retroactively to the first day of the month in which you qualified for the new title.


To be qualified means that you meet the title or bonus requirements. For example, to be qualified as a Platinum Manager means that you meet all of the requirements to be paid at that title.

Qualifying Leg

A Qualifying Leg is a leg that meets the specific requirements for a particular title qualification. For example, to qualify as a Gold Manager, you are required to have 2 legs that each have at least 1,500 in Downline Sales. To be qualified as a Gold Leader, you need 3 Legs that each have at least one Consultant, anywhere within the leg, that is paid as a Gold Manager or higher title in the month.

Retail Customer

A Retail Customer is a customer that does not have a subscription and may order products as desired.

Sales Volume

Most products have a sales volume associated with them. This value is included in Personal Sales and Downline Sales and is usually equal to the net retail price.


All of the Consultants above you in the genealogy are considered to be your upline.

Volume Source

A volume source is the part of your organization where you have sales volume. Your Personal Sales is your first volume source. Each leg in your downline is also a volume source.